SeniorEd of Vermont

an Adult Computer Learning Center


SeniorEd has given it's last computer class.


Important Message from the Board of Directors

 This is the last time we will offer computer classes.

 A combination of too few students, too few instructors, and the evolution of technology has made it difficult to continue.   

The original group of volunteers set up this organization almost 25 years ago to help mature adults use the new Personal Computer technology which then was just starting to become part of everyone’s household.   It was always assumed that we would eventually work our way out of business.  It appears we have reached that point.  Mature adults today are likely to have had previous experience with PC’s and don’t need as much help.

 Also, Personal Computers with their complex, multi-purpose applications are being displaced in the home marketplace with many different small devices - smart phones and tablets - running simple, single purpose applications. 
Any one of these devices is easier to use than a PC and doesn’t need extended training.

 It is with some sadness that we say goodbye.  We will miss our students, our team of volunteers and our technical challenges.  Many thanks to all those volunteers over the years who contributed thousands of hours to adult computer education.


                     Cedric Farrow, President




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